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Pointer Mail System Manager for Directadmin

17.08.2010 15:19

With that Plug-in you can change «Local Mail Server» status for any installed domain pointers and aliases.

Pointer Mail System Manager for Directadmin

If you've got more then one alias or a pointer for your domain. If you do not want to receive any spam for your aliases and pointers. Just switch Mail System for them off. With that plug-in you can un-check "Local Mail Server" for any pointer or alias on User Level, as if doing this for a "host" domain on page "/CMD_DNS_MX?domain=".

Pointer Mail System Manager for Directadmin

Release information

Checked with DirectAdmin (since v1.35.1). Checked with 1.39.x (2011-11-14)

Supported Operating Systems: CentOS 5 32/64Bit, FreeBSD 7 32/64Bit, others 


Download link http://files.plugins-da.net/dl/free_pointers_mail.tar.gz

Current version: v.0.2 released on 23.08.2010

How can I use it?

You can disable the local mailserver for a domainpointer:

One of our customers is using a mailserver that is hosted elsewhere, and one of his domain pointers is configured to use that server. However, the main domain is using the local mailserver. Is it possible to disable the local mailserver for the domain pointer only? Mail send from domains that are hosted on the server itself is being delivered locally at the moment...


You can change Local Mail Server setting for domain pointers:

For the main domain I already unchecked the "Local Mail Server" option, but for some reason DirectAdmin/Exim does try to handle all the domain pointers' as a local domain.

Any ideas how to fix this the easy way?


Directadmin Forum

A thread of the plugin on Directadmin forums:


Tags: Free plugins Linux based plugin FreeBSD based plugin

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