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Monthly and Hourly Linux Server Administration and DirectAdmin Support

Need Somebody to Care of Your Servers?

 Need to transfer your users to a new server? 
 Want to get hosting software upgraded and tweaked? 
 Looking for a fix of an issue?

We will be happy to assist you with any of these and even more tasks.

Experienced with Directadmin since 2005

We are pleased to offer to you the following services:

 Writing custom plugins and providing a professional support of servers with Directadmin Control Panel
 Recurring subscription for linux administrator work including security and service monitoring and ticket support.
 One-time administration jobs for your Linux server on an hourly basis or as a flat rate support service.
 Expert system administrator for resolving emergency issues with your Linux powered server with or without Directadmin.

Contact us today to get:

 server services tweaked for better performance and configured to be more secure
 daily monitoring of your server(s)
 monthly updates of software, if required
 basic anti DoS/DDoS protection
 and even more.

Additional support can be offered for: NGINX (as a reverse proxy server) or stand-alone web server, OpenVZ, XEN, KVM.

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Our Packages with monthly subscription:

Startup Reactive Server Management

  • Valid for Linux servers with DirectAdmin and less than 100 domains. 
  • Includes Security Hardening, Server Optimization, Abuse Handling. 
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring, monthly kernel, software upgrades. 
  • 5 hours ​of support time.
    • $55  USD Monthly + $20.00 USD One time setup fee

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Emergency Server Support

  • Two hours of priority server administration time. 
  • 7 days valid warranty support after your issue is fixed. 
  • Limited to 1 incident. Limited to 1 server.
    • $140 USD per reported incident

Hourly Linux Server Support (Once-only job)

  • Linux Server Administration Upon Request 
  • No limits on number of servers. No limits on number of tickets. 
  • Flexible timing, we do not round time usage. 
  • Statements on hour usage are available in Client Area. 
  • 1 hour is a minimal order. Pay 3 and more hours with a discount.
    • $35 USD per hour.

Get the best deal today for hourly projects:

  • You get our server support only when you really require it. 
  • You are free to pay as many hours as you need for your project. 
  • Contact us today for more detailed proposal and hours estimate, and to get our system administrators to work on your server(s) on hourly bases.

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Linux Server Maintenance as a part of our commerce service.

What our system administrator does: 

  • tweak services for better performance
  • configure services to be more secure
  • combine software to get the best from hardware
  • fix various issues on servers
  • locate cause of problem
  • daily monitoring your server
  • monthly updates of software, if required
  • basic anti DoS/DDoS protection

Here is a short list of supported software:

  • NGINX, Apache, 
  • Varnish,
  • Exim, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Majordomo, Greylistd ,
  • PHP (PHP-CLI as mod_php, PHP-CGI as mod_suphp), Perl,
  • Named (Bind),
  • ProFTPd, PureFTPd,
  • iptables, CSF, ipfw2
  • etc. 

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