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We're a Russian IT-company. We've been working with Directadmin since 2005 year. We use it on our servers for hosting own projects and web-sites of our clients and customers.

Since the beginning we have gathered a great experience of installing, tuning, and programming plugins and skins for Directadmin.

Since Autumn, 2010

This project is a new one for us. We've never done before any plugins for free, we've done it only for our existing customers, hosted by us. So let's do free plugins together.

Location: Novosibirsk, Russia.
Time zone: GMT +7.00, Asia/Novosibirsk

Why our plugins are free?

We really offer our plugins for your Directadmin for free. And we really accept orders for free plugins. A plugin, made by us, can be used without any restrictions as long as you wish. No time limits. We'll never charge you even a dollar. You're allowed to use as many copies of the software, as you wish on any number of servers with Directadmin. We reserve rights to develop plugins further and to prepare a commercial version, in case we're interested in any.

We do not work for food. You will pay only, if you need our assistance to install a plugin, or to do a special settings for you.

How it works?

You order a plugin. We do it for you absolutely for free.

You'll get 100% working software. 100% Free!

That sounds really good,  don't you agree?

Who is that guy on the picture above?

That's just a nice guy, and we really don't know who he might be. We've got his picture from the Net.

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